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Consent to Conduct Business Electronically

By clicking “continue” when prompted through our online application, you acknowledge that you have carefully read and agree to the Essential Funding Group Terms of Use in its entirety, as well as our Privacy Policy found here: http://myessentialfunding.com /privacy-policy

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​In order to service your request for business funding, you authorize Essential Funding Group, our affiliates and business partners, to;

​(a) send electronic disclosures to the email address(es) provided by you, including all relevant documents, notices, and contracts.

​(b) communicate with you electronically, at any telephone number, fax number, email address that you submit to us, based on your interest in and eligibility for our financial products now or in the future.

​(d) contact third-parties as necessary to verify your information, including your identity and the legitimacy of your business. We may require identifying documentation from you as a condition of continuing with our services at any time.

​(e) analyze the financial health of your business by obtaining proof of your business revenue. Proof of business revenue includes the choice of providing us copies of your business bank statements or linking your transnational data using a secure third-party.

Consent to Contact and Receive Electronic Communications

​Accepting these Terms of Use means you explicitly authorize Essential Funding Group, our representatives, affiliates, and business partners to contact you by telephone, fax and e-mail.

​We, or any agent or representative acting on our behalf, may contact you by any means and for any reason, including but not limited to; fulfilling your request for business funding, communicating information on the status of your business funding, marketing additional products or services, and delivering disclosures, notices, and agreements.


​• You expressly agree to receive electronic communications from Essential Funding Group to any email address provided by you at any time, unless and until you withdraw your consent in writing.

​• You agree to allow Essential Funding Group to respond to any inquiries by email, and to forward your inquiry to the appropriate representative or partner to whom the inquiry should be directed.

​• You understand and acknowledge that receiving disclosures, notices, and agreements via email is required to fulfill your request for business funding.


​• You authorize Essential Funding Group and our partners to contact you using any telephone numbers, including but not limited to; landline, mobile, and VOIP numbers, that you supply.

​• You understand and acknowledge that receiving phone calls from Essential Funding Group and our business partners is required to fulfill your request for business funding and to manage that relationship.

​• You may request that we do not contact a specific number by communicating with us your preferred contact number, but this will not prevent us from calling any other phone numbers you have provided when you cannot be reached.